Beneath the Sea

Beneath the Sea

Everyone knows how good fish and shellfish are because of their omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, more and more people are bypassing fish because their worried about mercury. While it’s important not to eat alot of mercury-laden fish, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a statement only warning women who might become pregnant, women who are pregnant, nursing mothers, and young children to avoid king mackerel, shark, swordfish, or tilefish.

They also recommend these women and young children not eat more than 12 ounces of low mercury fish a week. Low mercury fish include: anchovies, butterfish, calamari, caviar, catfish, clams, crawfish, flounder, haddock, hake, herring, lobster, king crab, oysters, perch, salmon, sardines, scallops, shad, shrimp, sole, sturgeon, tilapia, and trout. To find out the mercury mean ratings for most fish and shellfish, read Mercury Levels of Fish and Shellfish.

Because fish and shellfish are packed with vitamins and loaded with minerals, you might want to include fish and shellfish in your diet. The benefits of eating seafood outweigh the risks, particularly in relation to the low level mercury fish. To find out what you can gain by eating these foods, let’s look beneath the sea and find out what vitamins and minerals sea life can provide.

 Freshwater and Saltwater Fish and Shellfish
Vitamin or
Vitamin A Crab, halibut, salmon, sturgeon, swordfish, tuna, whitefish
Vitamin B1
Haddock, halibut, salmon, sardines
Vitamin B2
Haddock, halibut, salmon, sardines
Vitamin B3
Haddock, halibut, salmon, sardines, tuna
Vitamin B5
(Pantothenic Acid)
Anchovies, haddock, halibut, salmon, sardines
Vitamin B6 Flounder, halibut, mahi mahi, red snapper, salmon, sturgeon, tuna
Vitamin B9
(Folic Acid)
Halibut, salmon, sardines
Vitamin B12 Anchovies, catfish, cod, crab, flounder, herring, lobster, mackerel, oysters, salmon, scallops, shrimp, sole, sturgeon, swordfish, trout, tuna
Vitamin D Eel, halibut, herring, mackerel, sardines, trout, tuna
Vitamin E Herring, mackerel
Vitamin K Herring, sardines
Calcium Herring, oysters, salmon, sardines, shrimp, sturgeon, tilapia
Copper Crab, haddock, halibut, lobster, oysters, sardines, shrimp, trout
Iodine Almost any saltwater fish
Iron Abalone, carp, oysters, perch, salmon, scallops, shrimp, tilapia, trout
Magnesium Calamari, crab, haddock, hake, halibut, mackerel, oysters, salmon, sardines, scallops, shrimp, tuna
Manganese Halibut, salmon, sardines
Niacin Cod, haddock, hake, halibut, mahi mahi, salmon, shrimp, sturgeon, swordfish, trout, tuna
Phosphorus Catfish, cod, haddock, haibut, perch, salmon, scallops, shrimp, snapper, sole, sturgeon, tilapa, trout
Potassium Calamari, cod, flounder, hake, perch, salmon, scallops, snapper, sturgeon, tilapia, trout
Selenium Cod, crab, flounder, hake, lobster, haddock, halibut, herring, oysters, perch, sardines, scallops, shrimp, sole, sturgeon
Sodium Herring, lobster, mackerel, shrimp
Zinc Crab, haddock, halibut, lobster, oysters

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