People often resort to Botox to maintain their youthful appearance, but according to Marie-VĂ©ronique Nadeau, a chemist, licensed aesthetician, and author of The Yoga Facelift, “contracting facial muscles, via exercise … shortens them, so sagging is reduced and the face takes on a toned and more youthful appearance.”Read More →

According to the Society for Neuroscience (SFN), “every year, 16 to 18 million Americans experience migraines. Signs include nausea, extreme sensitivity to light and noise, fever, chills, aching, sweating and, most notably, pain.” The SFN claims the cause of this mind numbing pain is related to “serotonin, changes in blood vesselRead More →

I was interested in yoga, wanted to learn more, and signed up for classes. One of the first things I learned is there are many different types of yoga. Some focus on the mental aspects, some focus on the spiritual aspects, and some focus on the physical aspects. However, inRead More →