People affected by multiple sclerosis or MS often have trouble sleeping. In fact, one study showed that MS sufferers have significantly higher sleep problems than the general population or other chronic disease sufferers. Lack of sleep has the potential to worsen MS symptoms, and, for that reason, it is particularly important MS sufferers get a goodRead More →

Insufficient sleep is a bad thing and a deterent to overall total health. For instance, Dr. Joseph Bass from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Dr. Fred W. Turek from Northwestern University in Illinois, noted “insufficient sleep could be leading to a cascade of disorders,” and among these disorders areRead More →

Sleep is important to overall total health, and nobody has to lie in bed and toss and turn or, even worse, wake up with a stiff neck. When people can’t sleep, they think about their mattress and spend thousands of dollars on it while forgetting the importance of their pillow. Pillows have toRead More →

Snoring can be irritating to the snorer, to those who have to sleep next to a snorer, or even to those who sleep in the same house as the snorer. However, many cases of snoring are undiagnosed cases of sleep apnea, which is a disorder that in certain instances can haveRead More →