Bisphenol-A, commonly abbreviated BPA, is a potentially cancer-causing toxin. It is everywhere and has been suspected of being hazardous to humans since the 1930s. BPA is found in metal cans and various plastics, including most baby bottles. The Environmental Working Group claims bisphenol A can leach into foods, which means probably everyone’s been exposedRead More →

The benefits of omega-3s fatty acids are extolled around the world, and, almost everyone knows they offer cardiovascular and heart-health benefits. If you’re pregnant, they may also offer you more than just heart health. Research from the Child & Family Research Institute shows that many Northern American diets are still based onRead More →

Estimates are that as many as two-thirds of Americans or overweight, and, over the past several decades, even gestational weight by pregnant women has increased in the United States. As gestational weights continue to climb beyond recommended amounts, researchers are discovering this extra weight can result in undesirable birth outcomes,Read More →