Eye-Q (IQ) Quiz

Eye-Q (IQ) Quiz

Everybody has them, but what do you really know about your eyes? Take this quick quiz, and see if you can score 20/20 vision.

True or False:

  1. Cataract symptoms include double vision, faded colors, and blurry or clouded vision.
  2. The retina operates like a camera.
  3. Color blindness is not a disability.
  4. The leading cause of blindness in Whites is cataracts, and the leading cause of blindness in Blacks is age-related macular degeneration.
  5. Visual acuity tests are the least common tests used to evaluate your eyesight.
  6. After you reach 65 years old, you should have an eye exam every two years.
  7. Contacts or contact lenses are placed on the cornea of the eye.
  8. Glaucoma is nicknamed the “sneak thief of sight.”
  9. Eyeglass were invented in Italy around 1284 and corrected farsightedness.
  10. A sty is a bacterial infection in an oil gland.


  1. True. Other symptoms include poor night vision occurs, frequent eye prescriptions changes, halos around lights, and a sensitivity to car headlights, lamps, or sunlight.
  2. False. The retina is more like the film in a camera.
  3. False. It is almost always considered a disability. However, in some instances, colorblind people have an advantage over people with normal vision, such as penetrating certain camouflages.
  4. False. It’s just the opposite. The leading cause of blindness in Whites is macular degeneration and in Blacks it is cataracts.
  5. False. Visual acuity tests are the most common. They measure your ability to see close up and far away and usually involve reading letters or symbols.
  6. False. Eye care professional recommend a test every year.
  7. True. Contacts are placed on the cornea and are designed for three basic reasons: To improve vision, help with disorders, and for cosmetic purposes.
  8. True. The nickname was given because a person’s visual field slowly and gradually becomes smaller and smaller.
  9. True. An Italian man named Salvino D’Armate supposedly created them, although this claim has never been verified.
  10. True. It usually looks like a small pimple, and the best way to treat it is to apply a hot compress for five to ten minutes to bring the sty to a head, so it will drain and heal.

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