FYI Beauty Secrets: Applying Skin Care Products in the Right Order

FYI Beauty Secrets: Applying Skin Care Products in the Right Order

beauty secrets,what order to apply skin care products,applying skin care products,how to apply skin care productsIf you’ve got serum, a sunblock or a sunscreen, and a moisturizer, you may be confused about which product should go on first after you’ve cleansed your skin. Here’s what the experts say.

If your sunscreen or sunblock contains oxybenzone or avobenzone it should go on first. Then apply the serum and lastly the moisturizer.

If you have a sunscreen or sunblock product and it contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, the order is different. First, apply the serum, then the moisturizer, and then the sunblock.

Keep in mind the order is based on whether or not the items needs to absorbed. Sunscreens (which usually contain oxybenzone or avobenzone) and serums need to be absorbed so that’s why they’re first. Barrier products, however, such as moisturizers and sunblocks (which usually contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) need to go on last.

If you’re unsure of the difference between sunblocks and sunscreens, read Sunblock Versus Sunscreen.


  1. Good to know! Thanks for sharing. I recommend using a few drops of rosehip oil on your face in the morning instead of moisturizer. It is wonderful, moisturizing, natural, and makes you glow. I have great skin and it’s one of my secrets!

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