FYI Beauty Secrets: Paprika

FYI Beauty Secrets: Paprika

paprika,radiant skin,beauty secrets,beauty tipsIf you want radiant skin, the well-known makeup artist Kimara Ahnert claims paprika is key. Paprika’s properties get the facial blood pumping when applied to the skin, and at Ahnert’s studio in New York, she offers a $165.00 paprika facial.

You can get the same effects without spending a $165.00. Mix paprika into plain aloe vera or a store-purchased clay mask. Let it sit on your face no longer than five minutes.

Paprika will open pores, stimulate circulation, and dextoify the skin, all of which results in more beautiful skin. Keep in mind, your face might be rosy after the application, but it should disappear within thirty minutes.


Informational Note:

 If you’re allergic to tomatoes don’t try this as paprika
has the same antigens. Also, realize paprika comes from sweet
red peppers and is capsicum annum, which is a nightshade plant, so if
you’re allergic to red peppers, don’t use it. Masks also tend to dry the
face, so if you already have dry skin don’t apply a mask.


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