FYI Beauty Secrets: When to Toss the Makeup

FYI Beauty Secrets: When to Toss the Makeup

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If you haven’t heard, makeup products can get old and become breeding sites for bacteria, resulting in infections. If products are dry, clumpy, hard, smelly, or discolored, toss them. To help you know when your makeup’s reached it’s limit, here’s a chart.

Makeup Item Toss Date
 Eyeliner, Pencil 3 years
 Eyeshadow, Cream 1 year
 Eyeshadow, Powder 3 years
 Lipstick/Lip Gloss 2 years
 Mascara 4 months

Additionally, use your three senses—sight, smell, and touch—and tune in when you apply your makeup by

  • Looking.  Has the product changed colors or does it change colors when applied? Is it cakey or dried up? Has it separated? Are there floating particles in it?
  • Smelling.  Does the product smell bad or does it smell different from when you first purchased it?
  • Touching.  Does the product go smoothly or does it seem inconsistent or dry?  Was it moist and now it’s goopy or gooey.

Besides the sight, smell, and touch test, to make sure makeup lasts and it’s safe, use good sanitary practices. Don’t put your fingers in makeup, use brushes or spatulas instead. Also, wipe eyeshadow surfaces with a tissue after using them, and regularly clean your brushes with baby shampoo. That way your bag tricks will remain safe and bacteria-free.

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