FYI Beauty Secrets: Catsup

FYI Beauty Secrets: Catsup

If you’re a regular swimmer and you dye your hair, your hair just might develop the chlorine blues, or rather the chlorine greens, by the end of the summer. It has to do with the hard metals that combine with some susceptible hair dyes and then turn green. If you want to banish the green, here’s a simple way.

Apply either catsup or tomato juice to your hair. Both products are made from acidic tomatoes, which helps remove the green color. However, make sure your hair is wet because catsup and tomato juice can be difficult to remove when they dry. Comb the catsup or the juice into your hair, wait 15 minutes, and then wash and rinse as usual. Reapply if necessary.

Next year to prevent the green-hued look, before you go swimming, apply conditioner and wear a snug swimming cap. The conditioner seals the hair cuticles, and the snug cap helps your hair from getting wet.

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