Got a Migraine, Yoga Will Help

yoga,gentle yoga,migraines,migraine pain,serotonin,migraine headachesAccording to the Society for Neuroscience (SFN), “every year, 16 to 18 million Americans experience migraines. Signs include nausea, extreme sensitivity to light and noise, fever, chills, aching, sweating and, most notably, pain.”

The SFN claims the cause of this mind numbing pain is related to “serotonin, changes in blood vessel size, and the activity of nerve fibers that relay sensory signals.” It seems if there’s too little serotonin, the brain’s blood vessels dilate and trigger nerves to release peptides, which intensify the pain.

What can you do to prevent a painful migraine attack? If you’ve never tried yoga, here’s a reason to do so. Yoga boosts serotonin levels in the brain, which then cures the migraine. It seems a gentle yoga routine gets the serotonin flowing, and reports are yoga can amp up serotonin levels by 70 percent. So, if you’re experiencing regular migraines, try yoga.

Start your yoga routine out slowly, with just ten minutes a day, and then over time build up to at least thirty minutes, five days a week. If you’re unsure what type of yoga to pursue, read Yoga Basics, which describes the different yoga types and provides information on the best yoga books available. If you’re new to yoga, you can also visit Beginning Yoga Tips at Expert Village. They offer a gentle yoga practice via your PC. Before you know it, you just might be in tip top shape and totally, migraine free.

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