Help for Women With Hair Loss

Help for Women With Hair Loss

According to the American Hair Loss Association, “women actually make up forty percent of American hair loss sufferers.” Women’s hair loss is also not as straight-forward as men’s, and “since hair loss doesn’t appear to be life threatening, most physicians pay little attention to women’s complaints about hair loss and essentially tell their patients that “it’s no big deal” and that “you’ll just have to live with it.'” Yet, maybe you don’t have to live with it after all.

Research has shown there is often more than one cause for a woman’s hair loss. For instance, if a woman is not eating properly and gets stressed out, necessary nutrients needed to maintain a healthy head of hair may not be available, and so her hair thins or falls out. Other factors such as inadequate protein or deficiencies in L-lysine can also contribute to hair loss problems.

To learn more, here’s some tips to make sure you’re not encouraging hair loss and that you’re looking at all the common hair loss factors: 

  • Avoid Missing Meals. Dieting or missing meals can adversely affect your hair cycle, and it may not show up for several months. However, this is usually a temporary state, so once you resume eating regular meals or stop dieting, hair growth should return to normal.
  • Consume Adequate Amounts of Protein. Doctors know protein is vital for hair growth. So, if you’re vegetarian you have to take extra precautions to make sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet. Another thing vegetarians might want to check, particularly if they experience hair loss, is the ill-effects soy can have on their systems. To learn how soy can threaten your overall well-being read Soy, Is It Really Good For You?
  • Ensure You’re Getting Good Nutrition. Good nutrition is just as important to your body as it is your hair. If you have poor nutrition, it can eventually display itself by increased shedding, hair falling out, or slow hair growth. In fact, according to the Hair Loss Library, most hair loss before the age of fifty, is a result of iron deficiencies and low intakes of L-lysine. To offset this, you need to make sure you are eating a proper diet and that you are getting adequate vitamins and minerals in your diet.
  • Learn Options for Stress. Chronic or acute stress can encourage hair loss, even genetic hair loss, according to the internationally renowned hair-loss specialist and author of The Hair-Loss Cure: A Self-Help Guide,Dr. David H. Kingsley. That means you need to learn how to handle stress and gain tools to cope. To better handle stress read Fifteen Great Stress Busters and then join a yoga class, exercise, or meditate.
  • Up Your Lysine Levels. According to Kingsley, the amino acid lysine revs up ferritin, which in turn maximizes hair growth. Moreover, a study in the UK showed women responded favorably and showed marked improvement within 16 weeks after they were given additional L-lysine. Lysine is found in nuts, but not at the levels required to increase ferritin. In order to achieve that feat, a person needs to take a 500 mg supplement. You can buy Nature Made L-Lysine 500mg 100 Tablets here or from any drugstore.

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