How to Improve Your Balance and Strength

How to Improve Your Balance and Strength

I broke my right ankle in late March, and, even though it’s August, I’m still having trouble with my balance and strength. I just can’t seem to balance myself or stand steadily on my right leg alone. I talked to my mother-in-law, and she says for the last year she’s been working with her personal trainer to resolve similar balance issues.

BOSU balance trainer,bosu balance,bosu ball,balance trainer,balance trainingRealizing this might be an ongoing problem for me, and for her, I decided to be proactive and asked my physical therapist what I could do. He directed me to a fabulous new product called a Bosu Sport 45cm Balance Trainer.

The Bosu (which stands for “both sides utilized”) balance trainer is an exciting new exercise tool that appeared a year ago, and although it’s a simple piece of equipment—basically a squishy dome cut in half with a plastic platform on the other side—it can dramatically improve balance, increase strength, jazz up cardio workouts, and boost flexibility and agility.

Here’s how it works. Because of the Bosu’s design, it is never stable. Whether you place the Bosu dome side up or dome side down, you find that to remain stable your muscles have to contract, your body has to react and keep your joints in proper alignment, and your kinesthetic awareness—how your body is positioned—has to respond and sharpen.

Over time and with practice, your balance, flexibility, and strength can significantly improve and you can remain steady on the bosu balance trainer. I’ve been doing Bosu exercises for about a week now. I’ve already seen a slight improvement in my strength and stability on my right side. I still shake, and I still can’t stand very long on my right foot alone, but now I feel there’s hope. I’m sure if I stick to the Bosu exercises, I will not only return to my pre-broken ankle status but also exceed my previous level of balance, flexibility, and my strength.

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