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FYI Beauty Secrets – Ice Cold Water

by Geri Walton ~ September 17th, 2008

Joan Crawford Photoplay, October 1935.

If you haven’t heard of Joan Crawford, you’d better listen up. Crawford was a legendary actress in the mid 1900s who may have had it right when it came to well-toned skin. Every morning she would plunge her face into ice cold water.

Researchers claim ice cold water is actually good for your skin because it invigorates it and gets the blood pumping and that improves muscle tone and reverses sagging skin. So, in the morning after you have cleaned your face, follow Crawford’s lead, either plunge your face into ice cold water or give it twenty-five to thirty ice cold splashes.

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  1. arthritisinfo

    Glyolic acid peels do wonder in reducing the Wrinkles on the skin. It also helps if you take lots of fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A and E.

  2. alkaline water

    My aunt recommended converting too alkaline water instead of regular water. Something aboutalkalizing or something like that is supposed to alot more health for you.

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