Lace Up Those Shoes and Walk

Lace Up Those Shoes and Walk

Everyone knows walking is good for you, and here are fifteen fabulous reasons why you should lace up your walking shoes and head out the door.

  1. According to a study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, walking relieves stress because it gets you breathing and gives you time to think.
  2. Adults 50 years and older who walk are less likely to die within the next 8 years as compared to their sedentary counterparts.
  3. Every pound you drop walking takes four pounds of pressure off your joints, which then allows you to walk farther and lose more weight.
  4. Every time you walk you strengthen your immune system.
  5. For every hour of vigorous walking, you prolong your life by two hours.
  6. Heart disease is the number one problem for both men and women, and, according to various studies, three hours of brisk walking per week reduces your chances of heart disease by as much as 40 percent.
  7. One twenty-minute walk per week lowers mental distress and depression, and because endorphins are released during exercise, walking also uplifts your spirits and improves your mood.
  8. Research indicates that seven hours of brisk walking per week significantly reduces incidences of breast cancer and Type II diabetes.
  9. Short brisk walks help reduce blood pressure. In fact, a Korean study showed people who are morbidly obese significantly benefit from walking because it helps them reduce hypertension.
  10. Studies show walkers lose fat, speed up their metabolism, and build lean muscle mass. Furthermore, after losing weight, long-term walkers are more able to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy weight than those who attempt other exercise programs.
  11. The National Council on Aging found walkers who walked 45 minutes a day increase blood flow to their brains, which improves their mental abilities.
  12. Walking is much cheaper than driving. If you’re paying $3.00 to $4.00 a gallon for gas, you know what I mean.
  13. Walking is easy to do because it requires no special equipment. You also reap the benefits of getting in shape because fitness counts more than fatness.
  14. Walking reduces your chances of catching a cold. During cold season, walkers have a 32 percent less chance of catching a cold than a non-walker.
  15. Walking slows the aging process by protecting the circulatory system and vital organs like the heart.

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