Lower Blood Pressure and Reduce Stress

Lower Blood Pressure and Reduce Stress

f you’re suffering from high blood pressure or want to reduce stress one way you can lower it is with a great new machine, called the RESPeRATE. It harnesses the natural therapeutic power of breathing in combination with musical cues to lower blood pressure and alleviate stress. Here’s how it works:

  1. You put on headphones and attach a sensor around your chest.
  2. It analyzes your breathing pattern and creates a personalized melody for inhaling and exhaling.
  3. You listen to the melody and synchronize your breathing with the tones.
  4. You gradually prolong the exhalation until you can achieve ten therapeutic breaths per minute.

It is used three times a week in fifteen minute sessions, and, ten clinical studies have shown it reduces blood pressure and stress levels so you can achieve total health. To learn more visit the RESPeRATE web site.

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