Lycopene and Osteoporosis

lycopene,osteoprosis,health benefits of lycopene,improve bone health,improve bone density,total health,osteoporosis bone,osteoporosis calcium,osteoporosis prevention,osteoporosis causes,osteoporosis diet,osteoporosis health,osteopenia,osteoporosis drugsI love tomatoes, and I eat them often, even though I’m slightly allergic to them. Now I’ve discovered there are even more reasons to love them. According to a 2002 study, researchers at the University of Toronto who performed studies on lycopene claim it may have what it takes to put a stop to osteoporosis. If your unaware of what osteoporosis is, you can learn more by reading Osteoporosis: Avoid Brittle Bones, Bend it Like Beckham.

Recent research suggests the powerful antioxidant lycopene may play a pivotal role in preventing and treating osteoporosis. In countries where large amount of tomatoes are consumed, there is a much smaller incidence of osteoporosis than in the U.S. Researchers know osteoporosis is affected by oxidative stress, as is heart disease and cancer, and there is considerable scientific evidence lycopene can fight these degenerative diseases. According to Dr. Leticia Rao, who conducted the studies, lycopene reduces oxidative stress, which means it may “have important implications for the beneficial role of lycopene in bone health.”

If you want to get the highest levels of lycopene from tomatoes, read Better Cooked Than Raw.

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