Organic Certifications for Personal Care Products

Organic Certifications for Personal Care Products

Personal care products often state they are “natural” or organic, but because there’s no regulation of these terms, it is impossible to know exactly what natural or organic means. It has also been difficult to know whether or not something was truly organic, but now the following three labels can help you distinguish organic personal care products from those that are not. Here’s the specifics:

Ecocert. This certification comes from an organic organization in France. Ecocert certifies organic products for 80 countries, and to be certified products have to be at least 95 percent extracted from plant or animal products.
Oasis. Oasis approved products are at least 85 percent organic. It is “an industry consensus standard … [among] suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, etc. – working to set standards … [and] its members range from large, global brands and private label manufactures to smaller, specialty brands and raw ingredient suppliers.
USDA Organic. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification ensures products that carry the seal are at least 95 percent organic. Organic means ingredients cannot have been grown using chemical fertilizers or pesticides—insecticides, fungicides, herbicides— and animals cannot have been given antibiotics, growth hormones, or medications.

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