o you wonder how you stack up with the nation when it comes to exercise or activity? The National Sporting Goods Association did, and they conducted a survey of 10,000 households to find out what sports or activities people participated in during 2007. Participants in the survey included anyone ageRead More →

Weight lifting doesn’t have to end up with you looking like the Hulk. In fact, weight lifting can make you look firmer, trimmer, and toned without being bulky. Weight lifting can also help increase your bone density, improve your balance, enhance your endurance, and reduce your chance of injury. Moreover, when you weight lift and gain muscle,Read More →

Everyone’s heard it’s beneficial to lift weights, but did you know lifting weights will helps you get into shape fast. Exercise gurus claim to see quick results, each week include two 20-minute weight lifting routines on top of your normal cardio workouts. To find another ten reasons why you should start pumping iron, keep reading.Read More →