Why Do Bosu Balance Exercises?

Bosu balance trainer,bosu balance,bosu trainer,bosu ball,balance trainer,balance training,total healthIf you don’t own or haven’t used a Bosu Sport 45cm Balance Trainer, you’re missing out. It is great for building core strength. You can do chest exercises to strengthen your upper body, shoulders, and arms. You can also do lower body exercises to improve balance and coordination, while also building lean muscle mass. Doing exercises with the Bosu can strengthen¬†abdominal, buttock, lower back, hip, leg, and ankle muscles. In fact, virtually any exercise can be performed using the Bosu trainer. If you can’t imagine what you could do with a Bosu, here’s a great sample by Karen Voight¬†of the different types of Bosu exercises. By the way, the Bosu is just as good for men as it is for women.

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