Alternative Health and Wellness Survey Results

Alternative Health and Wellness Survey Results

More and more people are looking at alternative measures when it comes to health. The Meredith Corporation and NBC Universal conducted a survey of more than 3,000 women earlier this year, and here’s what they learned when it comes to women and alternative health and wellness.

Alternative Solution Percentage of Women
 Acupuncture 4%
 Hypnotherapy 1%
 Meditation 11%
 Natural Herbs and Supplements 26%
 Pet Adoption 25%

They also found the top ten health concerns in order of importance are

  1. Weight (56 percent)
  2. Nutrition (36 percent)
  3. Allergies (27 percent)
  4. Aging (27 percent)
  5. Mental Health (25 percent)
  6. Arthritis (24 percent)
  7. Cancer (23 percent)
  8. Cardiovascular Health (20 percent)
  9. Diabetes (18 percent)
  10. Menopause (18 percent)

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