Aspirin and Rosacea: Hush the Blush

Aspirin and Rosacea: Hush the Blush

It seems that aspirin offers more than just headache relief. According to an article in the Dermatology Times, researchers found when rosacea sufferers—people who have chronic facial redness and inflammation—were given 81 milligrams of baby aspirin (enteric coated) each day, their blush significantly decreased.

The same properties that help aspirin constrict blood vessels during a headache may be the same properties that help suppress the vascular dialation causing rosacea.  In fact, a practicing dermatologist and clinical associate professor of dermatology at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, Joseph B. Bikowski, M.D., stated that in his own “personal experience over a 2-year period among approximately 100 patients who took 1 baby aspirin nightly, the majority reported a subjectively significant decrease in flushing and subsequent erythema after 1 to 3 months of treatment.” So, baby your face and hush your blush.


Informational Note:

 Although aspirin is generally safe, if you have asthma, stomach
ulcers, heart failure, or bleeding or clotting disorders, DO NOT
take aspirin without your doctor’s approval.


If you suffer from rosacea, here are some other finds that may help.


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  2. aspirin is great for reducing pain and inflammation just be careful with overdose though~:;

  3. aspirin is one of the safest anti-inflammatories that you can use for lots of things-;;

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