Best Vitamin D Foods

vitamin D,vitamins,omega-3s,calcium,calcium absorption,eat healthy foods, healthy eating, rules for eating healthy,Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin often referred to as the “sunshine” vitamin because the best source of vitamin D comes from the sun. Vitamin D regulates calcium metabolism and influences phosphorus, which in turn is important to strong bones. If you have a vitamin D deficiency despite adequate calcium and phosphorus levels, you may develop such things as osteoporosis. Vitamin D also seems to reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, and, therefore, it’s important to obtain adequate levels of it.
If you can’t get fifteen to twenty minutes a day of sunshine, another way to obtain vitamin D is through your diet, and, luckily it’s available in both plant and animals. However, plants do not have calcitriol, a building block needed for vitamin D3, so, most doctors agree, animals-derived options are better food sources of vitamin D. Some of the best vitamin D foods include:


  1. Olive oil is pretty much mono unsaturated fat, not poly unsaturated. That is the reason why it’s being pushed by contemporary dietetics, in conjunction with the diet regime they want so much, the Mediterranean diet. There’s been plenty of research to show omega-6 poly unsaturated fats from virtually all vegetable oils to not be so beneficial for you, and trans fats are now unhealthy for you, and they are still seeking to slag saturated fats. That only leaves mono unsaturated fats like Olive oil and Canola oil. Learn the truth about coconut oil at well-informed-sources dot com

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