blueberries,blueberry,fruits,fruit,health benefits,healthy eating, eating the right foods,rules for eating healthy,You’ve probably heard that blueberries are supposed to be a super food and a nutritional powerhouse. Indeed, they seem to offer some great health benefits due to their antioxidant compounds, which reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, a main component in numerous diseases. They’ve also been touted to improve mental deterioration, and the oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) scale, a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of various foods, lists them as having one of the highest values. Health benefits attributed to the blueberry include:

Blueberries are available in thirty different varieties and were first cultivated in the early 20th century by a botanist named Elizabeth White who worked for United States Department of Agriculture. White went on to establish a commercial blueberry business, and although we can thank White for our ability to enjoy blueberries today, it is nature we can thank for our ability to indulge in such a tasty fruit that fights disease, improves memory, and protects vision.


  1. I eat Blueberrys every day.
    I have had macular Degeneration since I was 9 Years old.
    I am 68 now.
    I wonder what my eyes would be like without eating all these eye health foods?
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  2. Hmmm…not my favorite fruit since they are so tiny but I love blueberry muffins! That’s good info about eating to protect against cataracts. Wbat, no human studies? Well, it can’t hurt to eat them anyway, right?

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