Bone Builders to Avoid Osteoporosis

To ensure you build bone density and to maintain strong healthy bones, do these ten things:

  1. Do weight-bearing exercises, such as walking, running, or jumping, at least thirty minutes most days.
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    Normal Bone and Bone Affected by Osteoporosis
  3. Don’t drink more than two alcoholic drinks a day.
  4. Don’t smoke.
  5. Eat a calcium-rich diet.
  6. If you are at risk for osteoporosis, ask your doctor for a bone density test when you near menopause age.
  7. Learn about osteoporosis by reading Osteoporosis: Avoid Brittle Bones, Bend it Like Beckham.
  8. Limit soft drinks to no more than one per day.
  9. Limit your salt intake because it causes you to excrete more calcium than you would otherwise.
  10. Do resistance training—weight lifting or strength training—twice a week.
  11. Take vitamin calcium and D supplements, such as Citracal with vitamin D.

To learn more about osteoporosis read Ways to Avoid Osteoporosis: What to Do and What Not to Do and Phosphorus Foods.


  1. Combat Osteoporosis with Calcium and Magnesium

    The risk of osteoporosis factors in when you are female and older. Nutritional supplements can help you avoid osteoporosis, no matter what risk factors you may have.

    Calcium and Magnesium work together and if you add in exercise you’ll build bone even better.

    Supplements need to be taken throughout your lifetime. Women who are in postmenopausal and do not take calcium supplements lose approximately 2% of bone mass per year. Taking 1,000 to 1,600 mg of calcium supplement a day decreases this rate to 1%, and reduces bone fractures by 50%!

    Unless magnesium is also present in your body, you may be simply excreting the calcium supplement you are taking. Magnesium plays as much a role in bone density as calcium. Magnesium will act as a bonding agent that binds calcium, fluorine and other important minerals to build bone. Take a daily maximum amount of magnesium, at least 350 – 400 mg a day is suggested for healthy bones.

    Do something about osteoporosis before it dose something to you. Drugs for osteoporosis are not miracles. These drugs have harmful side effects and limited benefits. The best medicine for this potentially crippling condition is prevention by taking supplements.

    Tristen Thomas

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