Even if you don’t need to walk on a tightrope every day, every person of every age needs to have good balance.  In fact, it’s just as important to have good balance as it is to have healthy lungs or a well-functioning heart. Without proper balance injuries can happen and in some casesRead More →

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the physical activity guidelines for Americans for 2008. According to HHS, “Adults gain substantial health benefits from 2 1/2 hours a week of moderate aerobic physical activity,” and over time, the HHS has found exercise produces long-term health benefits. It reduces early death, stroke,Read More →

If you’re walking to lose weight, you can pick up the pace if you walk the right way. Here’s how: Stand straight and keep yourself centered between your front and back legs with each step. As you step reach with the heel of the leading foot and push off with the toesRead More →

o you wonder how you stack up with the nation when it comes to exercise or activity? The National Sporting Goods Association did, and they conducted a survey of 10,000 households to find out what sports or activities people participated in during 2007. Participants in the survey included anyone ageRead More →

You can get in shape even if you don’t have a gym membership, and you can do it at home. Here’s a list of essentials that will help you lose weight and shape up, all for under $290.00. Bosu Balance Trainer-$95.00. The bosu balance trainer allows you to strengthen coreRead More →