Digestion is important to overall health. In fact, many doctors believe poor digestion is at the root of many illnesses. If a person suffers poor digestion long enough, their body may not absorb needed nutrients, and they may develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which then results in illness and disease. Some ofRead More →

If you’re not wanting to catch a flu or the cold, you may need to go high tech, and you may need your phone more than you need your coat when you head out the door. Zicam, who produces over-the-counter remedies for flu and colds, has created a downloadable program for theRead More →

When you get body aches, chest discomfort, a cough, sore throat, or a stuffy nose, you may look for remedies for your cold. However, because the cold and the flu have similiar symptoms, people sometimes mistakenly think they have the flu. If you’re unsure of the differences, the following chart lists the symptoms ofRead More →

Although researchers are discovering the health benefits and powerful influences achieved through aromatherapy, people need to be cautious. Essential oils have chemical properties, and they can affect the mind. Also, because many oils are highly concentrated, if applied topically, they can enter the bloodstream. This means people with chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, orRead More →

Green household cleaners are supposed to be green. So what exactly does that mean? Well, one problem I discovered right up front is that there are NO environmental standards or single entity that determines which manufacturers are or are not green (although an independent non-profit group, Green Seal, has established comprehensive standards to determineRead More →