Without our senses, life would be meaningless. We would not be able to appreciate a beautiful sunset, smell cookies baking in the oven, touch the cheek of a loved one, taste cold watermelon on a hot day, or appreciate rock n’ roll. So, to keep our senses in tip top shape, here’sRead More →

In case you didn’t know it, hangovers can’t be cured because as long as you have alcohol in your system, you’re going to suffer. According to the New York Times, some alcohols cause worse hangovers, and it seems to be the darker colored alcohols cause the most problems. So, from the most troublesomeRead More →

f you haven’t heard about the dangers of fluoride, you’re not alone. You may think flouride’s safe because it’s in our drinking water and because we’ve all been told fluoride’s responsible for strong teeth and bones, but think again. Critics claim fluoride does none of those things, and what’s more the Environmental Protection Agency’s senior toxicologist allegedRead More →

Varicose and spider veins are a common problem and cosmetic concern for both women and men. Sometimes varicose veins can bulge or protrude, and they can be uncomfortable, painful, and ache. Sometimes they can also signal more significant disorders, such as circulatory system problems. If you’ve tried lotions or lasers and found they didn’tRead More →

If you’ve read any of the previous articles on water, you know there are pros and cons to both tap and bottled water. You also know certain toxins such as fluoride are being added to our tap water supplies. You may also realize fluoride is in many store-bought items, andRead More →