Cheese predates history, and the earliest evidence of cheese was found in Egyptian tombs dating to 2000 BCE. So, by the time of the Roman Empire arrived making cheese was an art form. From there cheese and cheese manufacturing expanded, until the first cheese factory opened in the early 1800sRead More →

Fiber helps you stay regular, fills you up, and helps you lose weight. However, most Americans eat just 12 grams a day and that’s not enough fiber according to experts. They suggest Americans eat 25 grams of fiber daily. It’s also best to get fiber from food sources rather than fromRead More →

Garlic offers many health benefits, and one of those is its ability to reduce your risk of heart attack. Studies have shown garlic prevents blood platelets from clumping together and that in turn keeps arteries open and unobstructed. The benefit is attributed to thiosulfinates, which gives garlic it’s overpowering smell.  ThreeRead More →

If you read Artificial Sweeteners: A Not So Sweet Deal, you realize artificial sweeteners are one reason why you might get fat and stay fat. For that reason, I thought I’d provide a list of some naturally sweet deals that are better for you than regular white processed sugar or artificialRead More →

Everyone knows how good fish and shellfish are because of their omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, more and more people are bypassing fish because their worried about mercury. While it’s important not to eat alot of mercury-laden fish, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a statement only warning women who might become pregnant,Read More →

Agave is in the succulent plant family and related to Yucca plants. It looks somewhat prickly and although some people think agaves are related to the cactus or aloe vera, they are not. In fact, the agave is related to the amaryllis or the lily and is native to Mexico, but found throughout Central and SouthRead More →