Nutrition Tips

March 22, 2009 M.J. Blackstone 11

Today, researchers are discovering more and more information that indicates there is a link between poor nutrition and health problems. If you think about it, if […]

Alkaline and Acid Foods

March 4, 2009 M.J. Blackstone 9

The majority of foods eaten by the typical American are usually acid-producing. Acid-producing foods include such things as meat, sugar, and cereals, as well as processed […]

Nutritious Soups

March 1, 2009 M.J. Blackstone 6

Soup can be a great food choice. One Penn study shows that if you first consume a low-fat, broth-based soups before a meal, you consume fewer calories, […]


February 26, 2009 M.J. Blackstone 5

Lysine or L-lysine is an essential amino acid that plays an important role in a person’s overall health and well being. Because it is an essential […]

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Mushrooms Cut Calories

February 20, 2009 M.J. Blackstone 1

If you’re familiar with mushrooms, you may know there are many varieties, and they add a distinctive flavor often described as earthy. Yet, they are more than tasty morsels. […]

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Herbs that Heal

February 12, 2009 M.J. Blackstone 5

Although there seem to be some studies that herbs are ineffective, what often is not reported is that doses may be too low or that one […]

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February 3, 2009 M.J. Blackstone 7

If you’ve heard of quinoa you might think it’s a grain, but it’s not. In fact, it often gets miscategorized as a grain, despite the […]

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