Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy, and although you can live without them, they benefit your body in many ways. They regulate protein, promote body tissue growth, enhance the immune system, lubricate joints, and control fat metabolism. Carbohydrates are also important because they provide vitamins and minerals needed for total physical health.Read More →

For years, we’ve been told, it’s better to eat raw vegetables and fruits rather than cook them. We’ve been told cooking vegetables and fruits destroys important enzymes and reduces their nutrition value. While that’s true for certain foods, UK researchers found there are exceptions. In addition, the researchers also discoveredRead More →

Cruciferous vegetables are a common food found worldwide. Cruciferous vegetables are members of the cabbage family, and the name cruciferous comes from their four petal, cross-like flowers they produce. Cruciferous foods are considered to be beneficial because they are high in vitamin C, phytochemicals, minerals, and soluble fiber. Perhaps, one of the greatest strengthsRead More →