Come To Your Senses

Come To Your Senses

The Five Senses: Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, and Touch

Without our senses, life would be meaningless. We would not be able to appreciate a beautiful sunset, smell cookies baking in the oven, touch the cheek of a loved one, taste cold watermelon on a hot day, or appreciate rock n’ roll. So, to keep our senses in tip top shape, here’s some easy exercises you can do:

  • Sight. Without sight you’d have a difficult time watching TV, driving a car, or surfing the web. In fact, 80 percent of what we experience comes through our sense of sight. According to Science Blog, to make sure you keep your peepers in tip top shape, you need to be playing video games. Doing so helps people significantly improve their ability to distinguish individual letters disguised in clutter, which is one of the acuity tests given by opthamologists.
  •  Smell. You don’t have to be Cyrano de Bergerac to use your sniffer, and, in fact, most wine connoisseurs would object if you told them they had a big nose. One reason why wine connoisseurs have such great noses is they practice distinguishing smells. You can do the same thing by training your nose. Check out the scents that surround you each day. Notice if smells are sulfury, fruity, spicy, sweet, flowery, woody, or smokey. Then practice sniffing the food on your plate before taking a bite or buy a wine scent kit and practice distinguishing different smells.  
  • Sound. Wherever we go it seems as if there’s nothing but noise: Honking vehicles, barking dogs, and loud music blaring from radios. Sometimes you just want to block it all out, and that may be exactly how you improve your hearing by sitting in perfect silence. Then, when you turn on the radio, try to separate the sounds and distinguish the different instruments involved in creating the music.
  • Taste. Carrots, chocolate bars, and turkey sandwiches. They all have a different taste and texture. To improve your sense of taste you need to notice different flavors, seasonings, and textures in foods. When you eat something ask yourself is it bitter, does it have a bite, or is it pungent? How does it feel in your mouth is it cold, hot, or tingly? Also, notice the difference in flavors between two strikingly different items such as hot peppers and lemons.
  • Touch. Once you turn twenty , it seems everything goes down hill, and, according to CNN Health, touch is one thing you lose at the rate of one percent a year after age twenty. The solution to maintain your sense of touch for as long as possible, is soft skin. That’s right! Soft skin is more hydrated than dry, rough skin, and hydration and soft skin allows you to be more sensitive to touch. So slather on those creams and keep your skin soft and supple.

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