Create a Gym at Home

Create a Gym at Home

You can get in shape even if you don’t have a gym membership, and you can do it at home. Here’s a list of essentials that will help you lose weight and shape up, all for under $290.00.

  • Bosu Balance Trainer-$95.00. The bosu balance trainer allows you to strengthen core muscles in the abdominal and back. It also improves coordination and builds, strengthens, trims, and tones your body.
  • TRX Professional-$150.00. This suspension product is portable and allows an all body workout in 25 minutes. It is composed of nylons straps with handles. It’s easy to set up because you just loop it around a bar, beam, or tree branch. It builds strength, balance, and flexibility, and according to TRX’s website it’s like combining “cable cross-over machine, a complete set of dumbbells, and a Swiss ball.”
  • Valslide-$35.00. These are plastic discs that permit you to perform exercises to strengthen your legs, inner thighs, butt, shoulders, chest or back. You can use your hands or feet or both. You place valslide on the carpet or linoleum and slide. It allows you to use your body weight to do lunges, abduction exercises, chest flies, and more.
  • Valeo Speed Jump Rope-$5.00. If you need cardio, a jump rope can’t be beat. You can jump steady or throw in 60 seconds of intense jump roping every 6 minutes to burn fat quickly and intensify your workout. A jump rope also allows you to do one-legged jumps, alternate leg jumps, or crossovers.

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