Did You Know Guavas …

Did You Know Guavas …

guava health benefits,vitamin CYou might be missing out on one of the best superfruits available. It’s the guava. Guavas are a tropical fruit native to Mexico and Central and South America. They contain antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids, and polyphenols, and they are rich in vitamin A and iron. Guavas are also full of calcium and have 218 mg per 100 grams of vitamin C, which is nearly five times more than an orange.

You can find bottled guava in the baby food aisles, as Gerber produces it, or you can eat it fresh. When you buy it fresh, you can eat the whole fruit—the rind and the seeds have omega-3 and -6 polyunsaturated acids. Store them on your shelf, not in the refrigerator, and, if you eat them with their rinds, wash them well with baking soda before. You can also purchase nutritious guava juice in most grocery stores either fresh or frozen. Guava is also available commercially in tablets, capsules, and powders.

Guavas health benefits are numerous. They

  • Aid coughs and cold (its juice or leaves)
  • Assist in weight loss
  • Prevent scurvy
  • Promote digestion
  • Reduce asthma symptoms
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Serve as a natural laxative (eat with the seeds)
  • Strengthen the heart

Guavas provide many other benefits. They are low in calories and high fiber. So, if you’re dieting they’re one of the best foods you can eat to fill you up. They also prevent cancer because they are full of lycopene, just like tomatoes, and the juice from the guava leaves can help everything from bacterial infections to toothaches. If you think you need a mini face lift or dermabrasion you might want to try the guava: Use immature guavas and their leaves, and create an astringent decoction that will produce fabulous skin texture, tighten your skin, or eliminate skin problems—such as acne or eczema.

Guavas do even more. Got a sty? You’ve guessed it, guavas will help. Take guava leaves, warm them, and place them on a warm damp cloth. This compress will help reduce the swelling and pain caused by the sty. Guavas also are nature’s tooth whitener, so if you want to prevent your teeth from yellowing, eat guavas regularly, and if you have bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, wounds, or cuts a decoction of guava leaves with cure your problems.

With so many practical health tips for guavas, you might just want to rush right out and buy some today!


  1. Many thanks for the informative post. My wife’s calling me for dinner So I need to operate off without reading as much as I’d like. But I set your blog on my RSS feed so that I can read more.

  2. whoa, this was a really high quality post. If only I could find some information like this for my own blog – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

  3. Guava and Dementia
    My Father has some form of dementia. During the three years that we have dealt with it there was a time when he deteriorated to communication by mumbling. He was asking to urinate every 10 minutes.
    I (age 63) had discovered that drinking guava juice or eating canned guava fruit could turn off the need to urinate at night. We gave him a different form for the urination. A week after he was mumbling, he greeted us with the question “would it be presumptuous of me to ask if we could go out and buy some new shoes?” We took him out and got the shoes. We then started giving him guava every day and his condition has improved steadily. This is not a cure but it provides improved behavior, joy of life and the ability to carry on long conversations. He is also aware of his recent past and people that he knows. Several people (including myself) who care for him have commented that they can tell when he has not had his guava.
    For whatever condition he has, my original impression was that his brain was like a light bulb where the voltage was slowly being lowered. After using guava for over a year I now think about it as a light bulb that is being wrapped with duct tape. The guava seems to peel away the tape.
    We use AROY-D guava chunks in syrup. It looks like slices of pear and tastes like canned pear. I take one slice every night for urination. My Father takes about three slices a day. It costs $1.30 a can and is available at Asian markets. Libby also makes guava chunks in cans but it is hard to find. Guava drinks are available. I know they work for urination, but my Father has diabetes so we cannot use it for his condition. Some guava leaf extract products have proven to be effective but they are not standardized, contain too many artificial sweeteners and are much more expensive than just using the fruit. If this post resulted in a standardized guava product I would be interested in hearing about it. A Japanese company has a patent on guava leaf extract, but I don’t know of any products on the market.
    I have suggested that someone with a 92 year old Mother try it. I believe that it had a positive effect.
    So I am suggesting that if you want to try it, get four cans and try 3 or 4 pieces a day for a while and see if anything gets better.
    I know in my heart that it has worked for my Father.
    If you give it a try I would like to hear, whether it works or not. With the many kinds of dementia, it might only work for what my Father has.
    I have seen positive effects of using guava in my own case beyond the urination. So I know that there is something going on that has not become known to the medical community at this time.

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