Did You Know Magnets …

Did You Know Magnets …

Magnets have been used since ancient times and touted for their healing abilities. Today, magnets are pri-marily used to treat people with pain, relieve insomina, or cure depression, but as there are studies showing magnetic benefits, there are also other studies showing magnets are ineffective; however, a recent study might attract new attention.

A recent study, conducted by University of Virginia researchers and published in Medical News Today, found a moderate strength magnetic field could “result in significant reduction of swelling when applied immediately after an inflammatory injury.” As injury is often synonymous with muscle bruising and joint swelling, the studies offer significant implications to exercisers and the elderly because, “If an injury doesn’t swell, it will heal faster – and the person will experience less pain and better mobility.”

The study undertaken in Virginia by Professor Thomas Skalak and Cassandra Morris, initially determined magnets could increase blood flow. Thinking magnets might also lessen blood flood, they looked at swelling in soft tissue sites. In the end, Salak and Morris concluded, “the force had a significant effect: the vessels that had been dilated constricted, and the constricted vessels dilated, implying that the magnetic field could induce vessel relaxation in tissues with constrained blood supply, ultimately increasing blood flow.”

Skalak imagines magnetic therapy will offer positive benefits to exercisers, sports professionals, the elderly, and anyone else who suffers a swelling injury. In addition, it can also benefit medical professionals who deal with those types of injuries. As for the future, Skalak pronounced, “We now hope … these very widespread applications … will make a positive difference for human health.”

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