Eggs and Your Health

eggs,cardiovascular risk,cardiovascular health,cardiovascular disease,total healthIf you love eggs but fear they might increase your risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke, researchers say you’re in luck. A study conducted by the New Jersey Medical School, Zeenat Qureshi Stroke Research Center, in Newark and published in 2005, found no increased risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke if you regularly consume eggs.

The study used a total of 9728 adults—with 3753 being men—ages twenty-five to seventy-four. The subjects were followed for twenty years, and some individuals ate one to two eggs daily, some ate less than one egg daily, and some ate no eggs. After adjusting for differences among the subjects, researchers found there was no significant difference between those people who consumed one to two eggs and those people who consumed no eggs. However, there was an increased risk in ischemic heart disease for diabetics.

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