Emergency Service

Emergency Service

emergency, emergencies, allergies, pacemaker,medical softwareMyRapidMD’s Emergency Service Profile (ESP) maintains your medical history on your cell phone. That’s important because if an emergency strikes or an accident happens, care givers have easy access to the information. All you have to do is hand your phone to responding emergency personnel.

Information that can be stored includes “blood type, allergies, medications, pacemakers; whether you are a diabetic or organ donor and other key information.” By keeping important information in ESP, you can receive effective and efficient medical treatment on the spot. So, if you’re interested in ESP, to learn more, visit My Rapid MD. You can immediately download the software after you sign up, and, if you’re interested in covering every family member, they also have family plan.


  1. Geri, you have a lot of great and informative info here! Thanks for taking the time to pass it along. I have so much catching up to do!

    I think this would be vital to elderly people or those who have a lot of medical issues.

  2. Geri, thanks for all the trouble you take to inform us about the emergency service. It’s very useful for people with a lot of medical problems. Thanks also for the visit.

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