FYI Beauty Secrets: Minimize and Prevent Crow’s Feet

FYI Beauty Secrets: Minimize and Prevent Crow’s Feet

total health,prevent crow's feet,crow's feet prevention,stop crow's feet,minimize crow's feet,help crow's feetBeauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but when someone is looking you straight in the eyes, and they see your crow’s feet, you may be wishing there was something you could do. So, here’s ten easy tips on how to minimize and prevent crow’s feet.

  • Avoid Sleeping on Your Face.  When you sleep on your face, it helps set wrinkles, so learn to sleep on your back or side.
  • Avoid Ultraviolet Light. Skin is delicate, particularly around your eyes, and ultraviolet light damages it and makes your crow’s feet worse. So, when you’re outdoors wear a sunblock to protect your skin. To learn more about the differences between a sunblock and sunscreen, read Sunblocks Versus Sunscreen.
  • Don’t Squint. Every time your squint you contract the muscles around your eyes and that causes wrinkles. The more you do it, the more likely you are to encourage them. If you’re squinting you may need glasses, or if you have glasses and you’re still squinting, pay extra to get an anti-glare. Additionally,  every time you go outdoors, even if it’s cloudly, wear sunglasses. If you want information on how to select the proper sunglasses read Sunglasses: Choosing the Right Shade.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking damages collagen, and collagen is what provides skin elasticity. So, if you smoke stop, and if you want to know how your body benefits when you quit, read Smoking: It’s Never Too Late to Quit.
  • Eat Berries.  Studies suggest eating berries—blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.—helps against premature aging. Moreover, berries are loaded with antioxidants which benefits your skin and helps prevent skin damage.
  • Exercise.  Here are two quick and easy facial exercises you can do to help minimize crow’s feet. 1) Place your fingers near the corners of eyes. Move your fingers up and move your eyelids down with your facial muscles. Repeat ten times; 2) Place your index fingers above each eyebrow. Gently pull down with your fingers as you raise your eyebrows. Repeat ten times.
  • Eye Lifter.  Here’s a quick eye mask you can use once or twice a week. Beat an egg white, pat it around the outer part of your eye, and let dry ten minutes. Remove it with warm water and a cotton ball, and moisturize afterwards.
  • Moisturize.  If your skin is dry and dull, it makes your crow’s feet look worse, and, as you age, you are more likely to have dry skin. Use a moisturizer every single day, both in the morning and at night. Moisturizing creams work, and if you think they don’t help, take a before picture, use the eye cream for two weeks, and then take an after picture. You should see a difference, and, in some cases, the results are dramatic.
  • Pat, Don’t Pull.  The eye area is extremely sensitive. Whenever you touch your eye area be gentle. Use your fourth finger and pat on moisturizers, creams, etc. From the bottom of the eye, pat from the outside of the eye to the inside, and when you pat across the top of the eye, go from the inside out. (This can be done in a circular motion around the eye.) This technique causes less pull on the delicate tissue surrounding the eye. Additionally, the fourth finger is less abrasive than your index finger, so use it whenever you touch your eye area.
  • Remove Makeup Each Night.  My friend Terri, who is a cosmetologist and beautician, told me when you leave your makeup on at night, it ages your skin one week. Since I learned that, I always remove my makeup. Another thing, use gentle makeup removers, and use the “pat, don’t pull” technique described above.

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  1. Thanks for visiting me! You have a wealth of information here. This is good information around the eyes. It’s our most tender skin on our face. If you don’t mind, I’ll link your blog to my site and I’ll be back!

  2. Gah, I always forget to take off my makeup these days! Now that I’ve heard that though hopefully fear will remind me to do it…

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