FYI Beauty Secrets – Plump Lips

FYI Beauty Secrets – Plump Lips

A beauty consultant taught me this lip plumping trick.  

  1. Line Your Lips. Use a lip liner one shade lighter than your lipstick, and apply it to the outside edge of your lips.
  2. Brush on the Lipstick. Apply your lipstick with a brush, but don’t sweep it on from left to right. Instead, brush it on in short vertical strokes beginning with the lip-lined edge and moving the brush to the back of the lip.
  3. Blot. Blot your lips with a tissue to absorb extra color.
  4. Repeat. That’s right do steps 2 to 3 again because a second layer of lipstick helps color last. 


    Informational Note:

     To deemphasize lines and acquire extra full lips,
    add sparkle by using a shimmery lipstick that contains mica.
    Mica particles diffuse light and blur wrinkle lines.


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