Get Garlic’s Health Benefit

garlic benefits,health benefits of garlic,thiosulfinates benefitsGarlic offers many health benefits, and one of those is its ability to reduce your risk of heart attack. Studies have shown garlic prevents blood platelets from clumping together and that in turn keeps arteries open and unobstructed. The benefit is attributed to thiosulfinates, which gives garlic it’s overpowering smell. 

Three researchers from Argentina’s Cuyo University, and plant geneticist Philipp Simon, Ph.D., of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, have shown all it takes to get thiosulfinate benefits is two garlic cloves a day. However, it can’t be whole, it has to be crushed or cut because that’s when the thiosulfinates are released. Researchers say to let the garlic rest for 10 minutes after cutting it, and then cook it briefly, under 3 minutes, to preserve thiosulfinate benefits.

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