Golf, A Bigger Handicap Than You Think?

Golf, A Bigger Handicap Than You Think?

lthough golfers may feel like they get plenty of exercise shooting 18 rounds, according to Golf Digest, most golfers are out of shape, overweight, and unhealthy. The magazine conducted an online survey a few years ago, received 514 responses—mostly from males with an average age of 52.7—and discovered the following:

  • 9 percent drink more than 10 beers during a round
  • 30 percent are unable to complete a round due to an ailment
  • 54 percent consider themselves overweight
  • 66 percent ARE actually overweight
  • 76 percent consume approximately 6.8 drinks per week
  • 80 percent admit to some injury, pain, or illness
Fat golfer
That belly has got to be quite the handicap!

So, what can golfers do to eliminate these health handicaps and get back in the swing? One suggestion heard over and over, is don’t rent the cart, walk instead! Yet, walking alone may not be enough. According to Sports Fitness Advisor, “strength, power, flexibility, balance, core stability, body awareness, even endurance … they’re all physical traits that every consistent golfer … must possess,” and the best way to get these traits is not on the golf course but in the gym.

Sorry boys, it looks like you need to stop teeing off with beers and start pumping weights!

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