Herbs that Heal

herb safety, herbs,herbs that heal,herbal cures for, herbal reactions, insomnia,inflammation, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatories, good herbsAlthough there seem to be some studies that herbs are ineffective, what often is not reported is that doses may be too low or that one species used in study may not be as effective as another. Additionally, you have to keep in mind, herbs have been used with great success for thousands of years, and, in some cases may be more effective than prescription medications. Some herbs that heal have scientific studies supporting their healing benefits and include some of the following:

There are a number of other herbs that have also been studied: St. John’s Wort, echinacea, and chamomile. Whether the combination of all these studies will ultimate mean herbs will be more widely accepted by traditional medicine remains to be seen. However, for those people who take herbs and who have benefitted from them, herbs that heal will remain popular and remain a means by which they enjoy good health. If you’re interested in learning more about other possible health benefits attainable from herbs, read Good Herbs.


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