How to Avoid Soy

How to Avoid Soy

f you’ve heard about the negative health affects of soy, you may want to avoid it in your diet as much as possible. Or if you suffer from soy allergies—as soy is one of the top eight food allergens in America—you may need to ensure you don’t ingest it as it could cause a mild reaction or even life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

In products, soy is not always clearly labeled as soy. Here’s a list—although it may not be comprehensive—to enable you to know how soy is usually labeled, so you can enjoy a soy-free diet as much as possible.�

  1. bouillon cubes (beef, chicken, and
  2. carob
  3. canned chicken broth
  4. emulsifier
  5. flavoring (including natural and
  6. guar gum
  7. gum arabic
  8. hydrolyzed soy protein
  9. hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  10. soy lecithin (there is also egg lecithin)
  11. MSG
  12. miso
  13. shoyu sauce
  14. soy flour
  15. soy nuts
  16. soy panthenol
  17. soy protein
  18. soy sauce or tamari
  19. soybeans or Edamame, which are baby soybeans
  20. soybean butter
  21. soybean oil
  22. stabilizer
  23. starch
  24. tempeh
  25. textured vegetable protein (TVP)
  26. thickner
  27. tofu
  28. vegetable broth, gum, and starch

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