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mobile nutrition,mobile health,cell phone nutrition,cell phone health,seafood,nutrition,diet,fish,mercury levels of seafood,total healthThe latest way to achieve total health, maintain acceptable weight, and choose beneficial foods, comes from the world of mobile phones. Your phone can be more than a way to say hello to your friends because mobile sources provide such information as which restaurants, foods, or seafood are the safest, and you can even track your diet plan to make sure you’re staying on your weight loss path.

  • Blue Ocean Institute.  Text 30644 with the message “FISH.” Enter the species name of the fish you want information for, and you’ll get a text back that assesses the fish and, if necessary, offers a healthier alternative.
  •  You put your phone in text message mode, type in the restaurant and menu item (they have information for 36,000 foods and 1700 restaurants), and send it to DIET1 (34381). They’ll reply in and wink and then you can “feast on tasty, guilt-free, diet-friendly food!”
  • Got Mercury.  Want to know which fish has the least mercury, or if there are any current warnings about seafood? Dial in to the newest cell phone version at Enter your weight, the fish you want information on,  and the amount you plan on eating to get your mercury exposure level.
  • iNutrition Calculator.  This is a free mobile nutrition calculator application to help keep you on schedule with your diet plan. It calculates calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calcium intake. To install the application on your phone direct your handheld device to or visit for more information.

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