Modifying Exercise With Age

Modifying Exercise With Age

total health,exercise,exercising,aging and exerciseAs you age, one of the best things you can do is exercise. It allows you to maintain your mobility and reduces your risk of injury or falls. Unfortunately, as people age, they often become stiffer and less flexible, and that can make it more difficult to continue exercise routines established when a person was thirty or forty. To make sure you get the most out of your workouts, you may need to modify your routines. Here are five ways to accomplish it.

  • Add Variety.  The best way to exercise is to make sure you have alot of variety in your workouts. This is particularly important as you age because people over fifty are more prone to injuries. Working one set of muscles one day and another set the next day makes it less likely you’ll be injured.
  • Adjust Intensity.  When you’re young your workout routine may not bother your knees or joints, but as you age, the intensity of your workout needs to be balanced. This means if you have a knee-pounding jog one day, you offset it the next day by doing something less strenuous on your joints. Try walking, swimming, or water aerobics.
  • Choose Proper Exercises.  One of the best ways to avoid bone loss is strength training or weight-bearing exercises. Choose weight lifting, resistance training, walking, jogging, tennis, or other exercises that work against gravity. Keep in mind that as you age, you also lose muscle and gain weight, and the best way to prevent muscle loss and keep extra weight off is weight lifting.
  • Encourage Balance.  Visual, spatial, and vestibular systems become less efficient with age, and that makes older people more prone to injuries and falls. One of the most important thing you can do as you age is add balance exercises to workout routines. The more practice you get, the steadier you will be on your feet. Great ways to improve balance include Yoga or Pilates. If you want to learn more about balance and get some other ideas on how to improve your balance, read Balance Against Falls.
  • Improve Flexiblity.  Aging reduces flexibility because tendons shorten and tighten. Exercising helps to improve flexibilty because it stimulates nerves, and it may be one of the most crucial elments to preserve mobility as you age. Moreover, many symptoms people believe are signs of old age are in fact due to lack of exercise, and, most people who haven’t exercised and start flexibility training show marked improvement within a few weeks.

Exercise offers numerous benefits. You’ll be more in touch with your body, you’ll sleep sounder, and you’ll likely be happier because exercise encourages the production of well-being endorphins. People who exercise are also stronger and less likely to be injured. So, whether you’re stepping off the treadmill, emerging from the water, or rolling up your yoga mat, it doesn’t matter, what matters is exercise will help you remain independent as you age.


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