Not Sure Where You Stand: Measure Your Fitness Level

Not Sure Where You Stand: Measure Your Fitness Level

If you’re wondering how you stack up on the fitness scale, take this test and find out. If you don’t make the grade at least you’ll know where you stand, and you can start to improve. The test was created by Robert Reames, a nationally recognized fitness expert and author of Make Over Your Metabolism: 4 Weeks to a Faster Metabolism and a Fitter, Firmer You.Before starting the test do ten minutes of warm up, and, then, after the test, take 5 minutes to cool down.�


  1. Balance and Core Strength
    Find a flat area. Don’t hold on to anything, and lift one leg. Bend the knee, and stand in place for up to 3 minutes.
  2. Cardio Fitness.
    Find a mile track or mark out a mile. Walk, jog, or run the mile and use a stopwatch to time yourself.
  3. Lower Body, Joints, and Endurance
    For 1 minute do chair squats. Bend until you almost sit on the chair and then return to the standing position.
  4. Upper body and Core Strength
    For 1 minute do wall push-ups, keeping your body straight and arms bent no more than 90 degrees.

Scoring Results:

  1. Balance and Core Strength
    Unable to do it, Need improvement
    1 minute, OK
    2 minutes, Good
    3 minutes, Super
  2. Cardio Fitness
    Can’t finish the mile, Need improvement
    26-36 minutes, OK
    13-25 minutes, Good
    12 minutes or less, Super
  3. Lower Body, Joints, and Endurance
    0-10, Need improvement
    11-35, OK
    36-50, Good
    51 and above, Super
  4. Upper Body and Core Strength
    0-10, Need improvement
    11-26, OK
    27-50, Good
    Over 50, Super

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