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organic dairy ratings,organic ratings,organic product ratings,rate organic productsYou may think if you buy organic it’s all the same. Well, according to the Cornucopia Institute (an institute engaged in educational activities supporting the ecological principles and economic wisdom underlying sustainable and organic agriculture), it’s not. Cornucopia alleges certain agribusiness giants may be duping consumers, and they maintain,

Consumers have been willing to pay premium prices in the market for certified organic dairy products, with the understanding that the food has been raised in a sustainable, environmentally sound manner….Many consumers assume that humane animal husbandry practices are employed by organic farmers, and they may believe that organic food is more nutritious….But this success story is now at risk; it is threatened by powerful economic interests that covet their share of the organic pie…and who are willing to twist, manipulate, and even ignore federal organic regulations….Some agribusiness giants are depending on consumers not knowing the difference between their product and those produced with ethics and integrity.

In order to inform consumers, Cornucopia decided “to pull back the veil and allow consumers to easily identify those organic dairy products that have been produced with the best organic practices.” They rated organic farms using twelve equally weighted criteria (valued at 100 points each). The criteria were ownership structure, milk supply, disclosure of information for verification, certifier farms, certifier processing, cow pasture time and acreage provided, health and longevity of cows, farm support oversight, whether replacement animals were acquired from organic farms, whether antibiotics were used on young cattle, whether reproductive hormones were used, and whether outside dairy ingredients were purchased. The best a farm could achieve was a score of 1200.

Here are the farms Cornucopia found to be outstanding.

Farm Name Products Market
Animal Farm Butter VA 1200
Bridge View Dairy Whole raw milk, cheese  PA 1200 
Green Hills Harvest Fluid milk products IA, KS, MO 1200
Hails Family Farm Cow and goat milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir PA 1200
Kimberton Hills Fluid milk products, raw PA  1200
Organic Pastures Dairy Company Fluid milk products, raw  CA 1200
Radiance Dairy Fluid milk products Fairfield, IA 1200
Thistle Hill Farm Tarentaise Cheese Nationwide 1200
Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy Fluid milk products, butter WA 1195
Butterworks Farm Yogurt East Coast 1190
Crystal Ball Farms Fluid milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream MN, WI,
Seven Stars Farm Yogurt East Coast,
Mid West
Hawthorne Valley Farm Yogurt, cheese, raw milk sales on the farm East Coast 1190
Cedar Summit Dairy Fluid milk, yogurt, ice cream MN 1180
Whispering Meadows Farm Yogurt Midwest  1180
Coonridge Dairy Raw goat milk NM 1175
Evans Farmhouse Creamery Fluid milk products NY, NJ 1170
PastureLand Cheese, butter Midwest 1170
Stafford Organic Creamery Fluid milk products VT, NH 1165
Castle Rock Farms Fluid milk products, cheese WI, MN 1150
Loleta Cheese Cheese Northern CA 1150
Traders Point Farms Fluid milk, yogurt Midwest,

If you want to see how Cornucopia Institute rated the remaining organic dairy farms, click here. If you’re interested in knowing more about Cornucopia’s research project, click here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the information about Cornucopia. We’ve been hearing a lot on the news lately about “organic” food which really isn’t and with the high prices we pay on groceries, this information is helpful.

    I’m really fortunate to live in Vermont where a high priority is placed on quality, home grown and local food.

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