Hot Flashes and Staying Dry

Hot Flashes and Staying Dry

If you’re a woman, at some point you’ll go through the change. Here’s a tip to help with those awful night sweats, so you don’t end up like the woman on the left.

Within the last few years, manufacturer’s have come out with materials that help wick wetness away for sports related activities, such as golf, basketball, and aerobics. The wick technology helps wearers stay dry who might normally get bogged down with sweat.

Using that same wick technology, Wicking J Sleepwear, Inc. invented sleepwear for women by women, and part of their proceeds go to the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation. Their products have been featured on The View and Good Morning America. Pajamas are made from a patented blend of natural and synthetic fibers that evaporates moisture fast and “wicks” away wetness so sleepers can enjoy a dry, restful night.

To get a good night’s rest, here’s three of Wicking J’s top sellers: the Peyton Pajamas, Abigail Nightgowns, or the “Dee Dee” Lace Detail Short Sleeve Nightgown.

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