Saffron and PMS

PMS,premenstrual syndrome,benefits,relief,alternative therapies,alernative therapy,saffron,total healthThe results of a saffron study were recently released, and if you suffer from monthly premenstrual syndrome (PMS) the Mediterranean spice saffron may help. PMS affects serotonin levels in the brain, and as Iranian researchers knew saffron helped mild depression, they decided to test its affects on women with PMS.

Researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences used fifty women age twenty to forty-five years old who had suffered PMS symptoms for at least six months. The women were divided into two groups and randomly assigned to either a placebo group or to a group who took 15 mg saffron capsules twice a day (morning and night) for two menstrual cycles.

The results showed there was indeed a significant difference between the placebo group and the group taking saffron. Those who consumed saffron showed relief in relation to PMS symptoms, and although there are more studies that need to be done, the researchers believed saffron could become a viable alternative for women suffering from PMS.

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