To achieve total health it’s important to have good digestion because doctors have learned your immune system is 75 percent dependent on your gatrointestinal tract, and if your gastrointestinal tract isn’t working properly your ability to fight off diseases and infections is lowered. In addition, poor digestion increases your risk forRead More →

Fiber helps you stay regular, fills you up, and helps you lose weight. However, most Americans eat just 12 grams a day and that’s not enough fiber according to experts. They suggest Americans eat 25 grams of fiber daily. It’s also best to get fiber from food sources rather than fromRead More →

If you’re suffering from constipation or are worried about your colon health, you need to know bowel habits vary from person to person. Some people have bowel movements several times a day, and some people go without one for several days. Doctors claim what is more important than whether you’reRead More →