Motor skill, fatigue, and vision problems are common MS symptoms, and they can make daily tasks challenging. However, most MS sufferers learn to cope and lead satisfying and full lives. Although there’s currently no cure for MS, there are tips available to deal with motor skill issues, fatigue, and vision problems, and hereRead More →

People affected by multiple sclerosis or MS often have trouble sleeping. In fact, one study showed that MS sufferers have significantly higher sleep problems than the general population or other chronic disease sufferers. Lack of sleep has the potential to worsen MS symptoms, and, for that reason, it is particularly important MS sufferers get a goodRead More →

In my view, the most important tool in dealing with the psychological effects of multiple sclerosis (MS) is attitude because it colors everything when it comes to MS. The truth is, people with MS usually experience debilitating, frustrating physical conditions, and they can focus on the negatives and the “poor me-ness” of the situation, orRead More →